Saturday, December 10, 2016

10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

Another day, another involvement. At least that's what it seems like, anyway. From Facebook or myspace content to superstar involvement 'grams, the globe is stuffed with wonder and really like and—BLING. For sure, have you seen the dimensions of some of these rocks? Take a look at some of the jewelry that have us thinking what else you could buy with that sum of cash. (Hint: a LOT.)

1. Beyoncé

When you're the Queen Bey, you have to have an engagement band fit for royals. And that's exactly what Jay Z got his bae: an engagement band with 18 carats and a $5 million cost tag.
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

 2. Jennifer Lopez

The romantic endeavors may be over, but she'll always have the band. (And she better hold on to that sucker: it's value $4.1 thousand.)
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

3. Vanessa Bryant

Her 8-carat beauty is allegedly value $4 thousand money. Yes, you study that variety right.
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and Chip Canon may have divided, but no one can refuse that Canon went above and beyond in the band department—with a bright 10-carat variety clocking in at $2.5 thousand.
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

5. Blake Lively

The celebrity may run a site about "seeing value on every stage," but we definitely can see the value on that finger—all $2.5 thousand of it.
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

6. Ciara

When she got involved to artist Upcoming (which has since been known as off), the musician used this 15-carat engagement band. The price? $1.5 thousand. Just. So. Much. Cash.
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

7. Katie Holmes

While involved and wedded to Tom Vacation, Mrs. Vacation used a 5-carat beauty that came in at $1.5 thousand.
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

8. Jennifer Aniston

Aniston selected a winner—and got a seriously awesome band, as well. When Bieber Theroux jumped the issue, he did so with this 10-carat band value $1 thousand. Good job, Theroux.
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

9. Nicki Minaj

Update: Obviously, this is *not* a precious stone band. The amazing jewellery is just a quick, run-of-the-mill gift from her partner, Meek Work. One can only think about what the genuine thing will be. We're not nasty or anything.

Original tale, 3/5: The artist appear to be engaged! Tweeting the words "I'll post it later," with precious stone and band emojis, she later published her new bling—from Meek Mill—to Instagram. "This looks like a 15-carat elegant yellow-colored heart customized amazing cut precious stone installed in jewellery with a dual mobile of white pavé gemstones," Morgan Shara of MASbisjoux jewellery told E! News. "This would retail store for $500,000..." Yep, $500K. *All the jewellery emojis*
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women

10. Iggy Azalea

It's official! L.A. Opposing team celebrity Chip Younger and Iggy Azalea are engaged—and she's got a stone you can see for kilometers. According to Individuals, the 10.43-carat band with an 8.15-carat yellow-colored precious stone was developed by Younger with jewellers Jerr Arasheben of Jerr of Beverly Mountains. The approximated cost? $500,000.
10 Celebrity Engagement Rings For Women


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