Friday, July 31, 2015

Sana Safinaz Black Embroidered Salwar Suits 2015

Black embroidering perform dresses are liked by the girls who have reasonable shade on their epidermis.Because dark shade looks more attractive if your epidermis tone is reasonable and white-colored.You can use these outfits in traditional fashion styles in night events climate its marriage or some marriage occasion.Like mehndi occasion reception occasion these outfits are equally look good on you climate what occasion your are trying them. Shalwar kameez with dark colors can only be used in stormy or cold

Brides Galleria Long Frock With Churidar 2015

These long frocks with churidar dresses are from the popular Indian fashion brand Wedding brides Galleria.These are party use traditional Indian outfits see images. Floor length are stunning outfits which women want to buy because they have seen these kinds of outfits in Bollywood.Brides Galleria have always introduced us new and stylish type of outfits.Indian Celebrity have seen dressed in these kinds of stylish use

Mid-Summer Women Latest Kurtis Designs 2015

Change mid-summer kurti’s 2015 for females can be seen over here below. You will love these dresses very much because of their convenience. Change is one of the most important and difficult clothing brand in Pakistan. Change has been working as few in the past. Change provides periodic outfits for females fashion. Change provides top quality selections for informal use and party use in prepared to put on design. Change has released so many outfits and increased a good reaction. Now Change is returning with another outfit of

Embroidered Lawn & Chiffon Dresses 2015 By VS Textiles

Basically, VS Fabric Generators released dresses under the groups of informal use, celebration use, wedding use, college celebration use etc. All the outfits by this brand increased excellent response by Pakistani ladies. The primary reason for its positive reputation is that the outfits of VS Fabric Generators are affordable. Now for midsummer year, it is again back in the market. Fresh, VS textile Generators released its latest and

Bridal Dresses Collection 2015 By Rani Emaan

Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Long Maxi Frocks By Kalki Fashion 2015

There are some dresses which come to be a accurate pattern and some women are following. On this modern day stylish style of salwar swimwear variety 2015 you will see clothier suits accessible in about all styles official & informal styles. Clothier has used wide option of colors on this salwar suits 2015 when you consider that modish women desire to have glowing and stunning outfits throughout accurate motions and celebrations. This style looking store has just now exposed developer stylish style salwar suits selection huge

Embroidery Work Dresses By Dawood Lawn 2015

These dresses are kameez with trouser or shalwar which can be used with denims or shalwar.Dawud lawn is accurate producer of pattern, mainly pattern and challenging. Dawood lawn is strolling for year’s very history. Lawn Dawud offer outfits informal put on for women. Cyclical selection makes this selection more eye-catching. Lawn Dawud has released a lot selection and the obtain is at all times a excellent answer. Dawud

Haute Couture Dresses Collection 2015 By Amna Ajmal

Presented here a wide range dresses collection of 2015 as wedding wear for both option of men and women. It prices are wider range of the clothes then the quality is even better. Both bride and groom clothes in the collection range is available. Today we have presented an upper level dresses collection of Haute

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sanam Chaudhri Fashion Dresses Collection 2015

Today we have presented latest party wear dresses collection 2015 by Sanam Chaudhri. Sanam Chaudhri is famous fashion designer of Pakistan. Works for latest fashion designs of women clothing. In a huge competition of fashion designing Sanam Chaudhri has presented exclusive dresses designs for women to

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fahad Hussayn Top Fifteen Men Fashion Dresses

Seasonal clothing inspiration has started now. After women fashion dresses, we brought a exclusive range of men fashion dresses by Fahad Hussayn. There are top listed fifteen dresses are available in images. Fahad Hussayn has presented different dress styles for men inspiration. Fahad have collected wide range dress in different style for 2015. In the top list, Signature white kurta, mens kurta with threadwork on neck, signature

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Indian Casual Wear Saree Designs 2015

Latest Indian traditional saree designs 2015 for casual wear option. There are some special designer sarees designs for casual wear and 2015 fashion. These saree designs are designed in traditional style to wear in party event. Colors are composed of White, Red off White, green, black and Pink white. Special features, designer has exquisitely used bounty of colors for different style. So this is perfect option to wear for party event.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Amna Ismail’s Chiffon Lawn Dresses 2015

Recently Amna Ismail has provided latest chiffon lawn dresses collection of 2015 for women. Amna Ismail has designed semi stitched chiffon dresses collection 2015 to wear in the summer days. This is perfect option to wear in summer season. A huge part of the season has went. This dresses collection has showing by Ayeza Khan. Here we have some special images of her dresses collection 2015.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Forestblu Summer Fashion Dresses Collection 2015

Forestblu has recently provided a graceful dresses collection to wear in summer 2015. Forestblu has designed this collection for both fashion of women and men. Dresses adorned with bold colors, attractive prints and looks. The collection consists casual wear dresses of 2015. Forestblu is the famous fashion brand's name in the huge competition of fashion world. We have gained all the dresses here of this brand's new collection of 2015.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gul Ahmed Embroidery Work Dresses Collection 2015

There are some special embroidered chiffon dresses designs by Gul Ahmed. Recently Gul Ahmed has presented a latest embroidered chiffon dresses collection 2015 to wear as casual. Gul Ahmed has made pure silk fabric with premium embroidered patterns which are comprises on printed shirts, embroidered necklines, embroidered chiffon dupattas and dyed shalwars. This collection was presented before Eid so could wear in festive. Gul Ahmed presented exclusive dresses in the collection. These dresses are now available at all leading stores and outlets of Gul Ahmed's related. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Junaid Jamshed Eid Lawn Dresses Collection 2015

Junaid Jamshed offering latest lawn dresses collection 2015 to wear in Eid. In the view of the festive, i seen that it perfect for second day of Eid here. We know that it must for three days of Eid festive. We have gained a huge collection of exclusive dresses by Junaid Jamshed. It is available at all leading stores and outlets of Junaid Jamshed. Consists exclusive three piece and four piece suits and prints and stitching.

Resham Ghar Embroidery Work Eid Dresses Collection 2015

Recently Resham Ghar has presented on another phase embroidered Eid lawn collection 2015. Its for women to wear Eid and launched few days ago but we have decided to give it today for the second day of Eid because it is perfect section to wear it. Collection is comprised of the three piece and four piece suits which consists digitally printed dupattas with dyed shalwars. Especially designed in embroidered and printed patterns using lawn printing techniques. All dresses are now available at all leading stores and outlets of Rasham Ghar.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Maria B Digital Collection 2015

Maria B has presented recently a latest collection of Digital printed dresses to wear in Eid 2015. In the huge competition level of dresses here we have exclusive dresses designs by Maria B to wear in Eid. Digital Printed Shirt, Pants with embroideries on Lower edges, and Silk/ Chiffon Shimmer dupatta.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Farah Leghari Eid Dresses Collection 2015

Farah Leghari's latest dresses designs to wear in Eid are available now in the market. It mostly thought that how expertise in any special collection. So, I'm have a few word here to describe for you. Fashion designers are makes faithfully every dress designs which make sure all about your desires. Here we have special dresses designs of Farah Leghari Eid dresses collection of 2015 by Shariq Texties.  All the exclusive fashion dresses designs preffered by Shariq Textiles. Collection consists Three-Piece stitched and un-stitched dresses designs. Un-stitched dresses with same and different colors which are bright and bold colors. Embroidery and Needle work. As well as you can see stitched as A-Line, Frock-style, Bell-Bottom, Sleeve-less, and Simply-Straight. This is really exclusive and heart-touching collection to wear in Eid 2015.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Amna Ismail Zuni Eid Collection 2015

Recently Amna Ismail has launched her latest collection of 2015 for Eid which known as Zuni collection. In Zuni Eid collection 2015, Amna Ismail offering summer lawn printed dresses designs to wear in Eid. This is perfect collection to wear in festive. Here we have presented some exclusive designs of it. All the dresses are now present in market that can be buy in PKR 2,995. Printed lawn front and back which can get in every meter with embroidery, printed lawn sleeve in the meter as you like, printed chiffon dupatta in 2.5 yard, dyed cotton trouser is also in 2.5 yard, embroidered bunch 1 piece and embroidered lace 1 Piece are available and ready to wear in Eid. So, for more info continue your visiting. Every collection will available here with price and their special features that would designed by designer. After Zuni collection 2015's features here you should know about Amna Ismail. In the expertise of dresses and designing Amna Ismail is one of the most popular fashion designer of Pakistan. It is linguist part of Pakistan fashion industry.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection With Price

Rs. 5,500.00

Gul Ahmed la chiffon dresses are ready to wear in Eid 2015. Here we have brought some dresses from latest la chiffon festive collection by Gul Ahmed. Gul Ahmed is working for the women dresses from a huge time of experience. Recently Gul Ahmed has provided a latest summer la chiffon dresses collection of 2015 for Eid therefore he designed and offering as festive collection 2015 here. Today we are presenting their dress designs with prices. All the dresses prices are under the range of PKR 5,000 to PKR 8,000. Having exclusive dresses designs here for you.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Saira Rizwan Eid Dresses Price

Saira Rizwan is offering now latest dresses to wear in Eid 2015. Recently has shown in the market. It is also part of that presentation of dresses which were designed by fashion designer. To make easier your Eid shopping, we have brought top ten dresses from Saira Rizwan's latest Eid dresses collection Vol-2 to wear in Eid 2015. You can see all the dresses with price. Dresses in the range of PKR 8500 to PKR 15000. So let's see all the dresses here.

Blue jacket with printing

PKR 9,000

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sana Safinaz Formal Wear Dresses Vol-4 2015

Lately Released Now Sana Safinaz Formal Wear Dresses Vol-4 2015 for women. Sana Safinaz is most well-known and well-known fashion hub in Pakistan. It always offer us newest style outfits collection for females in everyseason.Recently it launched new style summer time evening use outfits collection for eid-ul-filter. In this collection it contains us newest style summer time use outfits with unique printing. All outfits are wonderful designed.Here is also discuss some images of this collection 2015. Hope u like Sana Safinaz Lakhany Formal Wear Dresses Vol-4 2015 For Eid. I have great information for all dresses style aware females new Sana Safinaz Summer collection 2015 has been came .I know this will be interesting information for the females and ladies who are awaiting Sana Safinaz dresses.

Origins Kurti Pajama Eid Collection 2015

There rectangle evaluate such a lot of designers and creates have launched their summer time Eid ul Fitr variety. If you look within style markets then you may discover such a lot of latest fashion styles of Eid ul Fitr outfits. Some rectangle evaluate procurable in unstitched pattern and a few rectangle evaluate in seamed. These kurti pajama are presented by Roots the product for women for casual wearing on Eid ul fitr. This is the new selection for eid use see the images and share the post. This selection is named Best ever selection it includes different colors of kurti pajama styles which can be used alongside pajama.You can get these outfits in padded and unstitched forms.This selection is best for teen girls.See the latest styles produced by the Origins product in the images given for you. Origins Kurti Pajama Eid Collection 2015 have decorated with high ends. Origins Eid ul Fitr dresses 2015 have decorated with bright reminder red, black, blue and white. All the four styles rectangle evaluate add during this variety.

Zara Shahjahan Kurti Tights Collection 2015

As we often be acquainted with that the hub of Zara Shahjahan. This has been one amongst the unbelievable of its reasonably fashion, it’s all the time come back up with attractive reasonably dresses collection and now once more, this middle has hit on the floor by cathartic this Eid ul Fitr use variety 2015. As you’ll be able to have a look at the pictures that these Eid ul Fitr use outfits 2015 are covered with the decoration perform, it’s too been present with this line perform, wonderful of its reasonably create perform may be seen. These kurti leggings outfits are for celebration use on Eid Ul Fitr developed for area and ladies.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Bareeze Shalwar Kamez Eid Collection 2015

Bareeze could be a fashion part that has start on the screen of style with the objective is to provide ladies with qualified clothing. Bareeze could be a style whole wherever you’ll discover impressive however stylish clothing that have expected in awe-inspiring handmade items styles. These shalwar kamez styles have been designed by Bareeze brand for area on this Eid event.This selection contains different types of shalwar matches see the pictures.

Bareeze have always presented different types of evening use or informal use shalwar kameez styles.This time they have released eid joyful year dresses selection for women.These evening use shalwar kameez styles can be acquired from the closest suppliers or from the shops having Bareeze selection. This selection have churidar pajama with kurti trouser with kurti or simple simply shalwar with kameez.Bareeze latest summer year evening use variety 2015 has contains decorated  and written each sort of clothing that are displaying awe-inspiring in their handmade items styles.  The long clothing design with pants and churidar sleepwear makes this variety outstanding. the colors charged for them ar shiny like red, yellow-colored, green, blue and etc. Bareeze could be a style tag offers informal use, partial evening use, party use and evening use clothing for each Eid ul fitr year. Their each dress has jam-packed with with reduces and high finishes. Bareeze has released numerous clothing and here they need released their variety of summer year Eid ul fitr use clothing 2015 for women. This variety has contains selections that have expected in awe-inspiring handmade items styles. Bareeze is one in every of the Pakistan’s most most popular and problematic style whole. Bareeze has being a area of clothing industry since year 1985 and since then they need produces their unique summer year Eid ul fitr use variety for women. Recently, some summer year Eid ul fitr use variety 2015 for women have released by Bareeze.

Zaheer Abbas New Eid Collection 2015

This fashion product Zaheer Abbas shows us new style causal use evening use partial official and celebration use dresses selection .Recently it released new style Zaheer Abbas Eid Wear Dresses 2015. In this eid outfits selection it contains us newest style summer use outfits with wonderful printing.All outfits are wonderful and look unique.Al outfits have new styles and style and also different to each other.Hope u like Zaheer Abbas causal use evening use partial official and celebration use selection 2015. Lately , released new style Zaheer Abbas Eid Wear Dresses Collection 2015 For Girls. Zaheer Abbas is a well known style product who is working in this style field for many years ago.

Latest Designer Frocks Eid Collection 2015

It is a official dresses selection by Sayena that is created of surprising and attractive shades. Moreover the embroidering perform is done with best mixture of shades. I am comprising finish collection of this new frocks selection. Hope u like Sayena Stitched Frocks Eid dresses 2015. Newest Sayena Developer Salwar Kameez Eid dresses 2015.Sayena Stitched Frocks Eid Collection 2015 For Ladies. It has been jeweled at on the internet european shop that mostly cope with european clients. The selection has been known as officially as a Sayena Developer Salwar Kameez Collection 2015 to provide a glance that it is an Oriental outfit variety. Actually it is selection of frocks that are decorated with new embroidering fashion styles. It is discovered that it is appropriate to put on as an eid outfit. See images below.