Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tassels Casual Dresses For Women

Tassels are the name of the fashion brand in Pakistan who is giving you a gorgeous collection today. Tassels have released winter casual wear collection 2015-16 for female. Tassels are the newly set up fashion brand in Pakistan. This fashion brand has designed its significant place among the women and young girls. Tassels collections include casual wear, ready to wear and even with the seasonal dresses. Tassels offer superb traditional clothes designs in the form of long shirts and medium length knee-shirts. These clothes are paired with the trousers, tights and cigarette pants. This collection of 2015 is best for the family gatherings, parties and casual wear. This collection is ready for the sale at all the stores of Tassels. So female visit your nearest Tassel brand outlet now and catch some exceptional and cute looking Tassels winter dresses 2015-16 for women.



Fzillion Manager said...

TOO FUNNY - I just found this blog yesterday and I also will be 67 this year - am a bit shorter than the prior two ladies at 5'8, but wear a 10-12 and 9 1/2 shoes. My hair is a platinum white and although I don't want to try to look or dress young again, I sure don't want to look old and frumpy . . . love these classy fashion ideas !
casual dresses for women